3D Film Compression

         The 3D film, captured from our 3D camera, contains 30 mesh figures and the corresponding texture images per second. The file size of an original mesh figure captured from our 3D camera is about 30 megabytes. We may use merely about 10% of the original mesh frames to rebuild the whole film. 




▲The real 90-frame chewing-gum motion picture (left) and the simulation with merely 10 frames (right).




    Video Compression 


This is the chewing-gum motion picture, simulating a motion of 750 pictures with 72 pictures (9.6%), using the conformal single mesh with matching technique. 


▲The real chewing-gum video.         ▲The chewing-gum motion picture.     ▲The mesh of the chewing-gum

                                                                                                                                motion picture.




    Virtual Brocasting 




The virtual broadcasting of 

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